Avalanche Hills
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Road Map

Start to Finish line...
  • Develop NFT that will mint $AHILL into the economy.
  • Sell out all 10,000 NFTs responsible for minting $AHILL.
  • Deploy first utility for using $AHILL within the economy.
  • Setup Avax Hills assets including Website and Twitter.
  • Marketing for Avax Hills.
  • Add missions & games to map for additional utilities (on-going).
  • Create multi chain bridge to travel, play and earn on other Blockchains.
  • Open Harmonyville Down for Drag Racing (Harmony Blockchain).
  • Build out 3D interactive city map within Unity.
  • Deploy Yield Farming in Bank.
  • Create interactive points all over the Map.
  • Bring in established projects to build within the MetaVerse.
  • Onboard new projects that are a good fit to build.
  • Introduce the Citizens of the MCVerse.
  • ILO - Land offering to Citizens.
This gitbook is subject to change without notice for any reason at any time.