Modify Your WenLamboNFT


In order to add MODS to your NFV you will go to the Speed Shop from your map within the user interface and purchase toolboxes. Once you have the toolbox in your possession, you can open up and the inventory will be added to your list.

To add MODS to your Muscle Car, simply complete the contract and approval functions. You will see your LEVEL meter for the MODS you add increase as you add more MODS and level them up.


Currently, there are 4 modifications aka MODS that can be added to your Muscle Car. Each MOD will provide an increased chance to your overall probability of winning a game. Each MOD can be leveled up and maxed out at Level 25. To level up, you will need to combine similar MODS together to make them more powerful. MODS are purchased via Toolboxes.

Examples of MODS and Levels below with boost effects.

1. Power – Level 1 provides +2 Power

2. Handling – Level 10 provides +10 Handling

3. Boost – Level 6 provides +13 Boost

4. Tires – level 18 provides +35 Tires

All of your MODs are combined to give your overall NFV an upgrade during games. MODS provide your NFV a greater chance of winning a game.

*This gitbook is subject to change without notice for any reason at any time.

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