NFT Gaming

Passive Earning Machines

Cross chain gaming is the next step in consolidating web3 into a more sustainable and usable space. With this in mind, we have laid the foundational support to move your NFT’s between compatible chains.

Currently, our projects have homes on Avalanche and Harmony with Polygon, Fantom and Ethereum and other EVM compatible chains in the near future.

Our vision is that as web3 grows in size, the openness and connectedness between projects and blockchains strengthens, reducing a lot of the fragmentation that there is today.

One way we are assisting in this vision is by building contracts that are interoperable and allow your NFT to go between chains, to earn, play, build and maintain those relationships. For example, you can take your WenLamboNFT into AVAX Hills and race against a Muscle car, earn $AHILL, XP, and complete missions. Then head back to Harmonyville, collect your HVILLE and race a Muscle Car over in Harmony Downs.

With our 3D modeling and rigging system, your metadata from the AVAX Muscle Car NFT will be pulled into the races where you will be able to watch your NFT race through the streets.

AVAX Muscle NFT is more than just a racing game, though. EARN, play, rent, purchase, upgrade and farm are all utilities included in the newest addition to your WEB3 garage.

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