AVAX Muscle Car

Missions, Racing, Driving, Exploring, + Building

Missions: New missions are added to the map bi-weekly and require specific items either attached to your Avax Muscle Car or to be paired with it in order to enter. Most missions have an entry fee, paid in $AHILL or other ERC-20 tokens. All missions will payout something in return, but not limited to $AHILL, NFTs, in-game add-ons, or other ERC-20 tokens.

Racing: The streets of Avalanche Hills are going to be fast, slick and full of stomach dropping turns. If you do not want to race, grab a seat and watch from the side walks as the NFVs fly past you in pursuit of first place.

Free Drive: You can drive your Avax Muscle Car around Avax Hills.

*This gitbook is subject to change without notice for any reason at any time.

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