Claiming $AHILL


Claiming Daily

Whether or not you have upgraded your Avax Muscle Car does not make a difference in how you CLAIM you $AHILL which your NFT earns daily.

You can claim them as often or as little as you would like by heading to the Bank, and claiming all or being selective and claiming certain ones.

Claiming AHILL adds the token directly to your bank but with a partial locking mechanism. The locked tokens are locked in your bank savings account. You will earn interest on your account from collected fees. The unlocked AHILL is yours to spend on whatever you would like in AHILL and available immediately after claim.

Locked vs Unlocked. Your Avax Muscle Car has a decreasing locked and an increasing unlocked schedule. Starting at 90% locked & 10% unlocked and changing weekly by +-2% for 10 weeks until we reach 70% locked and 30% unlocked. Which will remain in effect until 1 year from the first block minted in which your LOCKED AHILL will release at 1% per day for 1 full year.

Selling your Muscle Car means selling your LOCKED $AHILL, since the contracts are attached to the Muscle Car, everything you apply to the NFV (Mechanic, XP, toolbox mods) stays with the NFV including your LOCKED $AHILL.

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