Avalanche Hills

Welcome to our WEB3 Multi Chain METAVERSE

Welcome to a new class of NFT gaming.

Avalanche Hills is a mountain town metaverse. As you travel through the streets of this beautiful town with snow peaks popping up over the horizon you will notice this is not a traditional city, this is the meta-verse and you are free to play, earn, build and travel as you deem necessary.

Avalanche Hills is part of the MCVerse metacity. A collection of unique cities built on EVM compatible chains. These cities are open world, socially engaged, constantly expanding and interoperable. These cities are all 3D and built on UNITY's gaming engine.

The economies currency is AHILL / $AHILL, which is the native token for AVAX HILLS, and is used for rewarding, playing, earning, buying, building and interacting with everything inside our city. You can find liquidity throughout right within our farms. These tokens are also usable off chain via bridge. You can use them along with any NFT that you minted in AVAX Hills in other compatible chains.

The only way you can MINT new $AHILL tokens is by grabbing one of the AVAX Muscle Cars.

*This gitbook is subject to change without notice for any reason at any time.

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