Gaming Overview

Racers Are You Ready!

Simulated Blockchain Gaming.

Winners are determined by using a combination of variable random events and random inputs. By utilizing XP and modifications aka (MODS), you can provide your NFV an additional % chance to win the game. NFV who go into games with higher levels of XP and higher levels of MODS will enjoy a % increase in the odds of winning whatever game they are locked into.

XP will serve as the basic function for predicting the winner of a game. The higher the XP your NFV has, the greater chance your NFV will win. Additionally, if your NFV has low total XP, you can provide your NFV an upgrade by utilizing toolboxes and adding MODS from toolboxes to your NFV. XP is earned by participating in races and can not be purchased.

MODS will serve as instant performance enhancement to your NFV in games and provide for a great chance at finishing towards to top.

*This gitbook is subject to change without notice for any reason at any time.

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