Avalanche Hills
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AHILL Tokenomics

AVAX Hills - AHILL - ERC20
AHILL is the token for Avax Hills, and Avax Muscle Cars.
$AHILL is the token for AVAX Hills, and is earned by owning an AVAX Muscle Car Club NFT or farming.
300,000,000 MAX
1,500,000 • LP 1,000,000 to LP | 500K aUSDC LP
10,000,000 • LP Pools Minted for future farms (not minted until then)
15,000,000 • for Mission 20K per day minted to vault
15,000,000 • for Reserves Partner pool LP, project incubators, or other needs, these are not minted
40,000,000 • for Treasury 2 million premint, 50k per day minted after
218,500,000 • for passive staking Earned only by Avax Muscle Car