Mechanic & Parts

Accelerate your $AHILL earning

You will need a Mechanic in order to start earning more $AHILL. Hire a Mechanic using $HVILLE (bridged from Harmony) and you will receive a +1 to your daily $AHILL earnings. The cost is 1000 $HVILLE and that is sent to the treasury for future LP liquidity.

Once you have a mechanic added, upgrading parts will be no problem. In order to get started, head over to the garage and look for PARTS.

Adding new parts to your AVAX Muscle Car burns and reflects $AHILL. Break down is 60/40 (60% burned, 20% added to the VAULT, 20% distributed to all holders' wallets equally per AVAX MUSCLE).

Adding new PARTS to your NFT increase your AVAX Muscle Car's daily earning power. There are 3 stages and each stage has 4 parts. You will need to buy all the parts in level one before moving onto level 2 and so on. Each part you add to your AMCC provides additional earning power. Add all parts and you will hit the max earning potential for that AVAX Muscle Car.

Stage 1 Exhaust Suspension Tuner Kit Intake

Stage 2 Cams Headers Injectors Cold Air Intake

Stage 3 NOS Super charger Brakes Differential

  1. stage 1 - 80 , 100 , 120 , 140

  2. stage 2 - 160 , 180 , 200 , 220

  3. stage 3 - 240 , 280 , 320 , 360

Upgrades will burn 60% of the $AHILL tokens used to upgrade, 20% goes to the AVAX Hills bank vault, and 20% will be distributed to all holders and available immediately.

$AHILL tokens will be minted upon claiming, and you can claim them as often or as little as you would like. Claiming $AHILL adds the token directly to your bank but with a partial locking mechanism.

The locked tokens are locked in your AVAX Hills bank savings account. You will earn interest on your account from $AHILL collected fees. The unlocked $AHILL is yours to spend on whatever you would like and available immediately after claim.

Selling your AVAX Muscle Car means selling your LOCKED $AHILL since the contracts are attached to the AVAX Muscle Car and not your wallet. Additionally, everything you apply to the NFT (Mechanic, XP, Parts, Mods) all stay with the NFT including your LOCKED $AHILL along with any unclaimed unlocked $AHILL.

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