Socially Engaged Open World

Avalanche Hills or AVAX Hills for short is an OPEN World, built to explore, build, play, earn and travel to different EVM compatible block chains. No matter what kind of WEB3 gamer you consider yourself, our MCVerse will have plenty to do.

The NFT is more than a game piece, it is also a cross chain vehicle that will expand your journey into web3 and the metaverse by allowing you to travel into other protocols to play, earn, and build.

Here in AVAX, you will compete against others in games, go on missions or socially interact with others who are also building and playing in Avax Hills.

Most importantly, you will passively earn the in game token, $AHILL just by owning one of the Avax Muscle Cars. It will be up to you how much you want to earn daily. You will buy new parts for your Avax Muscle Car, the more you add to your NFT the more $AHILL you will earn daily.

$AHILL is used to buy PARTS for your AVAX Muscle Car and purchase MODs for extra boosts in missions and races. You will also be able to purchase additional items from the marketplace to give your one of a kind AVAX Muscle NFT even more uniqueness.

​$AHILL - Native token for AVAX Hills, and will be used to reward, play, earn, buy and activate missions. This token is earned by owning any number of AVAX Muscle Car NFTs.

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