Avax Muscle Car

Vehicles, Citizens, Land + Items in MULTi CHAiN Verse

Avalanche Hills is a METAVERSE built on the Avalanche Network.

10,000 unique NFT muscle cars that will be used in racing or exploring the streets of all EVM compatible block chains. Presale is 4 AVAX and public mint is 6 AVAX. Each Muscle car produces the native token $AHILL

Avax Muscle Car is the first usable NFT in our ecosystem on AVAX. In addition to being able to play our first game and participate in missions all around Avax Hills, you will need either the Muscle Car or WenLamboNFT.

Additionally this NFT is the only way to MINT new $AHILL tokens into the economy. You are rewarded $AHILL daily by owning and holding an Avax Muscle Car. Minting end of October.

Additional games, missions, and NFTs will be released into the MCVerse economy over the next several months. In addition, new and existing projects will be encouraged and incentivized to add to the economy, giving Citizens of the MCVerse even more to do and interact with.

*This gitbook is subject to change without notice for any reason at any time.

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