SuperCarNFT Gaming

Missions, Racing, and Driving

Missions: New missions are added to the map and require specific items either attached to your SuperCarNFT or to be paired with it in order to enter. Most missions have an entry fee, paid in $GVILLE or other EVM chain tokens. All missions will payout something in return and can be but not limited to $GVILLE, NFTs, in-game add-ons, or other tokens.

Racing: Grantsville Downs will be your racing HQ and this is where you will go to watch, bet and race your friens and foes head to head or squad vs squad. Drag races will launch first followed by several others like; Circuit racing, Tug of War and Battle Grounds.

Free Drive: You can drive your SuperCarNFT around the city of Grantsville.

*This gitbook is subject to change without notice for any reason at any time.

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