Earning XP

And What is XP?

How to Earn XP?

Each game played will provide all players with XP. Even if you lose, you will gain XP, that will help you level up your SuperCarNFT. XP is obtained by playing games, win or lose. Every game you play earns you at least 3XP (must be a game with more than 2 players) with a max of 10000XP. After a SuperCarNFT is completely maxed with XP, that SuperCarNFT will unlock the a special High Stakes game available later (Phase 6). SuperCarNFT who achieve max XP are still able to compete in other games within their rank level.

Rank XP levels

1. Beginner: 0XP - 3333XP

2. Intermediate: 3334XP - 6666XP

3. Advanced: 6667XP - 10000XP

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