Welcome to our WEB3 METAVERSE

Grantsville is developing, and a booming city filled with exciting energy, blue skies, and wonderful communities throughout all of its boroughs. Here you will find our OG projects along with a list of new and upcoming ones.

Our goal is to bring a fully immersive open world to Avalanche Network that is full of resources for our project and for others looking to build within AVAX.

Cross-play gaming is something we value in our development of Grantsville. We view all projects on the chain as synergistic opportunities to bring web3 and dApp gaming into a new frontier, by working together, integrating into other projects, and sharing resources.

This leads to the economy's currency, GVILLE / $GVILLE, which is the native token for Grantsville, and is used for rewarding, playing, earning, buying, building, and interacting with everything inside our city. You can find liquidity in TraderJoes.XYZ.

The only way you can MINT new $GVILLE tokens is by grabbing one of our Gen0 NFT, Grantsville Supercar NFT. You can still find them for sale across multiple NFT marketplaces such as JoePegs or NFTKEY.APP.

*This gitbook is subject to change without notice for any reason at any time.

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