What is a Toolbox?

How to Mod?

Toolboxes are the only way to build up your SuperCarNFT. Each Toolbox is filled with ONE modification you can add to your SuperCarNFT to upgrade it. Because our games require different combinations of attributes to compete and win, you are going to want to have as many Toolboxes as you can store.

Once you have purchased a Toolbox, your inventory will be updated with the mystery item that was in your Toolbox. You can select which items you want to add to your SuperCarNFT, but once you add them, they are locked. Since these games happen in the background, you will not physically see the items from your Toolbox added to your SuperCarNFT, but rather, boost your SuperCarNFT overall performance for that game giving you a greater chance to place near the top.

Toolboxes cost 100 GVILLE tokens and come in 3 possible rarity levels, bronze, silver and gold. There is no limit to how many you can purchase, there is however a max LEVEL for each mod.

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