Pit Crew

Earn more with PIT CREW

*Hiring the Pit Crew and upgrading your team burns GVILLE. Break down is 60/40 (60% burned, 20% added to the VAULT, 20% distributed to all holders' wallets equally per LAMBO).

What utility will GVILLE have here?

A racer is only as good as their team! Luckily for you, there’s a whole team waiting to be hired. Hire your Pit Crew and unlock more GVILLE earnings. Plus, you can Upgrade your team to unlock even more GVILLE gains. No question having additional usages for GVILLE is extremely important. So you will also be able to spend GVILLE on Toolboxes, SuperCarNFT Rentals, and other marketplace goods.

Earning with your SuperCarNFT

Stock SuperCarNFT earns 1 GVILLE coin per day in the garage.

Add Pit Crew for 30 GVILLE and your SuperCarNFT will earn 1+ GVILLE daily. You can make even more in-game tokens, GVILLE, by adding a Crew Chief, Mechanic, Tire Changer, and Gasman to your team. Each level adds more HVILL to your daily earnings and the cost to hire more qualified team members goes up, but that also means you will earn more GVILLE.

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