Hire Team

More $GVILLE Earning

TEAM Matters

There are 4 team members waiting to help your SuperCarNFT mint more $GVILLE daily. You will need to hire them and they only accept $GVILLE as payment.

Each team member has 3 levels and the higher the level the more $GVILLE you will earn, but also, the more it will cost to hire those professionals. You must unlock all level 1 before moving onto the 2nd level and so on. Once you have made it to level 3 and hired all 4 team members, your SuperCarNFT will be minting 30 $GVILLE per day.

Upgrades = Token burns, Reflections and Banks.

Upgrades will burn 60% of the GVILLE tokens used to upgrade, 20% goes to the Grantsville bank vault, and 20% will be distributed to all holders and available immediately.

*This gitbook is subject to change without notice for any reason at any time.

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